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Weekly Special

Play one of America’s favorite party games in you pool or backyard.

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Winter Safety Covers

Our “Performance” safety covers provide the best in worry free low maintenance pool covers. Light weight and super strong. Leaves blow on and right off, get one today!

Winter Maintenance

Make sure you add your winter chemical booster treatment in Jan or Feb to ensure your pool water will be clean and clear in the spring.

Winter Covers

If you are using a winter cover with water bags to hold it in place, make sure to keep the water on top of the cover to a minimum and replace any deflated bags immediately.  Never replace with concrete blocks …
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Vacuum Equipment

Protect your pool surface! Inspect all brushes and vacuum heads for wear. Worn brushes can cause damage to your pool’s surface.

Test Kits

Still using eye dropper test kits? Trade them in and pick up our “Insta Test” strips. For accurate water chemistry testing, just dip one in the water and read in 15 seconds.

Filter System Check

Check and clean yor pump “o” rings, then lube them with our Magic Lube product to keep your performance at the highest level.

Super Flo Pumps

Efficient, quiet, rugged and versatile, perfect for replacing that aging old pump. Super performance available in 115 and 230 volt models.

Liner Cleaning

Keep your liner clean above the water level safely with our “Surface Cleaner” product. Don’t let destructive build up damage your pool liner. Clean it safely and gently with just a rag or sponge.