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Jeff’s Pool Tips

Keeping It Clean

Many things can cause staining to our pool. Surfaces, keep them clean and white with our “Surface Cleaner” product and a sponge or rag. Try our “metal” product to keep minerals out of your pool water also.

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Intellitouch Control System

A smart system the runs your entire backyard environment, giving you complete control from wherever you are. Programming at the tip of your fingers. With forty separate features at the touch of a button.

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Intelliflo Pumps

Revolutionary pump design, variable speed motor runs virtually silent while Saving up to 90% in energy costs.  Hands down the finest pump designed to date and part of our “green team” equipment package.

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Thermal flo heat pumps

Provide heat for your pool with a super efficient thermal flo heat pump, save hundreds a season and enjoy warm water in any weather conditions. Part of our “green team” equipment package.

Pressure Gauge

Your pressure gauge on the top of your tank tells you how the system is performing. If your gauge sticks or looks damaged replace it immediately.

Filter Performance

If you notice white powder or excessive sand on the floor of your pool the filter’s internal parts may need to be inspected, filter elements should be renewed from time to time to ensure optimal filter operation.

Easy Touch Controls

Who says pool automation has to be costly and complicated? Control everything in and Around your pool with the touch of a button. We even have a remote the floats!

Pentair Series D.E. Filters

For really sparkling water our high efficiency, filters trap dirt and microscopic particles that have a noticeable effect on your pool water clarity.

Chemical Feeders

Sanitize your pool with an inline feeder eliminating the need to add chlorine directly, much safer and provides a consistent flow of chemical to keep your water sparkling clean.

Baskets and Lids

Make sure your skimmer baskets and lids are in good condition, keeping large debris from getting into your pump is important for performance, replace any basket that shows sign’s of wear or is broken.