Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pools

16x38 dolphin I

Incredible fiberglass swimming pools! When it comes to strength and durability fiberglass beats them all. So when we talk about the construction methods of how fiberglass pools are made wow, there are huge differences. Hand laid versus chopper gun methods are day and night when it comes to strength issues.

We are very proud of our line of Dolphin industries fiberglass swimming pools. Simply put they are constructed with the finest materials and craftsmanship of any fiberglass pool built today. With a background in building world class power boats for the finest racing teams on the water they truly understand what strength and durability are all about. Hand laid with virgin resins used by only the best, gives the Dolphin line an unequaled durability that others just don’t have.

Fiberglass Shell

13x31 angelfish

Custom resin colors created in house provide one of the finest finishes available on any fiberglass swimming pool. Chopper guns spray fiber and resin together and are not designed for strength or durability quite frankly they are designed for little lids and small items not for pools. So why would any company build this way? One reason low cost! That also gets you a product that can fail. Imagine flying across the water at 140mph in a boat built with a chopper gun, no don’t imagine that because breaking in half would be devastating. That’s why everyone of our fiberglass pools are hand laid and built to exacting standards far above that of the rest.

Would you like a swimming pool that cost’s less to heat, sanitize, and keep clean? If so this is the pool for you! Take a look at all the design’s and colors available and remember the Dolphin difference installed by our experienced staff.

Fiberglass Spas

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