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Accessories and Balancers

E-Z CLOR Products: Accessories & Balancers | Sanitzers & Algaecides


Super Shimmer & Shine – Super concentrated fast acting water clarifier. Clears cloudy water by collecting small unfilterable particles into larger filterable masses. No dilution required. Safe to use with any type of filter. Blue liquid packaged in clear bottle. Super Shimmer & Shine

Drop Out – Restores water clarity and sparkle by flocking (dropping) suspended particles (debris) to the bottom of the pool to be vacuumed to waste. Compatible with any type of filter. Drop Out

Metal Magnet – Inhibits and prevents scale formation from excessive calcium and staining from iron, copper and manganese. Metal Magnet

Enhanced Filter Cleaner – Dual acting liquid cleaner effectively removes scale, dirt, oils and grease to provide better filtration for all types of filters. Enhanced Filter Cleaner

Cover Cleaner – Cleans and deodorizes winter and solar pool covers for storage. Includes squirt bottle for easy application.

Stain Stop – Removes and prevents metallic stains from vinyl, fiberglass, plaster, gunite and concrete pool surfaces.


E-Z CLOR® products simplify the water balancing act. For perfect pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness, choose one of E-Z CLOR’s need-specific products.

Clor Save – 100-percent cyanuric acid – chlorine stabilizer. It prolongs the effective life of chlorine by reducing loss caused by the sun. Sometimes referred to as a conditioner. Clor Save

pH Up – 100-percent sodium carbonate – increases pH. A convenient, safe, granular product for raising the pH of pool water to the optimum rang with minimal effect on overall alkalinity. pH Up

pH Down – Dry acid (sodium bisulfate) decreases pH. A granular product for slowly lowering the pH of pool water. Safer to handle and store than liquid acids. pH Down

Alkalinity Up – 100-percent sodium hydrogen carbonate – increases total alkalinity. A safe, easy-to-use granular product that raises total alkalinity in pool water and acts as a buffer to prevent pH bounce, staining and corrosion. Alkalinity Up

Calcium Elevator – Calcium chloride – increases calcium hardness. A convenient, safe, granular product for raising calcium hardness. Calcium Elevator

E-Z CLOR Products: Accessories & Balancers | Sanitzers & Algaecides

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