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The PristineBlue® Non-Chlorine Water System

The PristineBlue® Non-Chlorine Water SystemThe PristineBlue® non-chlorine water system consists of six products:

  • PristineBlue®, the cornerstone of the system, is an environmentally friendly algicide and bactericide.
  • PristinePower®, a non-chlorine shock, dissolves quickly and removes odors and organic materials, contaminants and body oils that could build up and cause cloudy or dull water.
  • PristineClean® inhibits scale formation and metal buildup.
  • PristineCheck® controls calcium and prepares pool or spa water before start-up with PristineBlue®.
  • PristineExtra® is a sodium di-chlor shock used in initial start-up.
  • PristineClear®, clears cloudy water in pools and spas bringing suspended particles together enabling the filtration system to better remove them from the water.

PristineBlue® is used to treat pools or spas, and is available in eight ounce, quarts and half gallons from your local dealer, or contact us at (800) 257-9283.


  • Less Eye and Skin Irritation
  • Gentle on Equipment & Liners
  • No Odor, No Taste, Non-Foaming
  • Low Maintenance (treat every 2 weeks)
  • Better Water Clarity
  • Environmentally Friendly – EPA Registered in Every State – NSF/ANSI Standard 60 as a Drinking Water Additive
  • Not Dissipated by the Sun – Longer Lasting Sanitizer
  • Less Cost – Comparable or Less to the Cost of Chlorine – 40% Less than Biguanides
  • Winterize – Use PristineBlue® to Winterize – Spring Openings Go Easier – Great for Closing Chlorine Pools Too
  • Technical Support – 800 Hotline for You – Easy Program to Troubleshoot

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